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The reality

It is a scary moment, when you realize, that you float into another state of being, a state of consciousness where you have a different experience of yourself.
Suddenly the world is no longer solid, known, stable; up and down, left and right, these divisions have no longer any significance.
Inner and outer merge. You think about something and there you see it, you focus your attention on a detail and in turn that takes the whole scope of your vision and then suddenly you are it. Confusing, scaring at times, but also fascinating for the psychonaut, the inner space cadet. You become aware of an ever-changing landscape where you, in a strange way, are both ruler and subject. You play a game and take a role, you know that it is a role, but you couldn't care less, as a young kitten chasing the tail of your own twisted thoughts.

And afterwards, when you look back, with both feet safely back on mother earth, then you may start doubting the solidity, the permanence, of what we perceive as the `ordinary' reality.
Are there indeed more colors, and what about the energy-patterns you saw, the glimpse of consciousness that smiled at you out of a leaf or a flower; what about these endless repetitive, but oh so well known, patterns? And what is reality? Is there - and that is something you experience during a trip - apart from this limited reality another, or infinite other realities? Or are all of them pieces of a total, ultimate reality? Does this really exist, or is it just another illusion?
These of course are questions that have intrigued people of all times and we can assume that we will not now or ever find the answers. We are human beings trapped in this reality, only with a lot of practice we may be able to lift this veil a bit, and then only to discover another cosmic egg to crack. During a trip we can have a glimpse of other worlds, an oceanic feeling comes up, where you actually see things different, but what actually is true remains very personal. You may believe in UFOs, angels, gnomes or fairies or have some real exchanges with strange entities, but hopefully you realize that you superimposed your own filter over those perceptions.

You see what you want to see, what you already know. You easily cover the truly unknown and unusual with your own personal interpretation and projection. It is not without reason that nowadays many people have encounters with extra-terrestrial and UFOs, while in the past they met with Gods, saints, holy men and religious figures and in a further past with fairies and nature-spirits. Maybe these are the same contacts with an unknown, unfathomable and strange energy, and we give just them or it a fashionable color or projection so we can more easily assimilate and integrate it.

The wise old men from the East already knew this; according to them nothing can be learned that is not already known. That sounds unrealistic, but has to do with the distinction between data and information. There is a lot of data out there, but only what truly reaches you and moves you can be seen as information.
The Internet is a very good example of this; there you will only find what you are looking for and what you more or less know.
The whole process of how information comes to us, how it is invited and filtered by our perception, how sometimes essential bits of info pop up magically, this is largely uncharted. The lack of deep understanding of how we internally make sense of this strange relationship between the inner and outer world is the true limit to `information technology' as it now exists. It could be, that in the psychedelic experience the secrets of this essential link are revealed, but as long as science and the Law regard this as a dangerous aberration, we will not really progress.

True aha-erlebnissen, new insights, not colored by our own projection are like mercy, a gift from heaven. In this respect one could call all real innovation, all expansion of perceived reality, (divine) art. It's the artist who pushes the boundaries of reality, not the scientist.

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