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8. Recipes

Can you do better than just chew the mushies, accept the sometimes earthy and bitter taste and hope for the best? We just assume for the moment that you use the `common' psychoactive psilocybe mushrooms. Better stay away from the Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) and other less known varieties, it is too risky. You can easily make a mistake in determining the right variety and start out with very poisonous ones, take an unusual powerful lot etc.
The common paddos, like Cubensis or the smaller semilanceata or Liberty caps can be eaten either fresh or dried. According to Albert Hoffman, who also discovered LSD in 1943, an active dose varies from 4 to 20 mg. psilocybine per person, which is between 2 and 5 grams of dry mushroom. The amount of active ingredients is not easily determined and varies a lot, so often you will have to rely on what others tell you, what the mushroom seller or dealer said, and maybe you'll have to start out with a lower dose to determine how strong they are.
We can give you a general idea how many magic mushrooms you need to eat. And even then, the active substance varies from mushroom to mushroom. This depends on climate, age, and the general growing conditions. Wild mushrooms can have a total different strength than those that were grown in a controlled environment or grow-shop. In general it can be said that the dried varieties contain ten times as much active substances as the fresh ones, per gram. How strong: active ingredients
For the two kinds of common mushrooms the content of the psilocybin (psn) and psilocin (ps) is as follows. (Quantities are listed in mg. of active substance per gram of dried mushroom) - Psilocybe semilanceata. Liberty caps 10 (psn), 0 (ps) - Psilocybe cubensis 4-12 (psn), 1-6 (ps)

For fresh ones this amounts to 20 to 30 grams per person. However, the amount of active substance varies, in nature up to 10 times and even in indoor controlled growth up to 4 times.
In general we don't recommend experimenting with Amanita, they contain totally different substances (ibotenic acid) and lead to very different experiences. The trip with Amanita Muscaria or Amanita Pantherina is not always benign or friendly, preparation is cumbersome and unless you travel to Siberia or Mongolia or happen to be friends with Inuit (Eskimo) shamen, forget about it. Also the Conocybe is a bit too far off, although a few of the hundreds of species of the Conocybe contain psilocybine but they are hard to spot.

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