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Magic Mushrooms - Our little brothers

Travel Guide to the Shroom Space
Starter for Magic Mushroom Psychonauts

Please see Credits
by Luc Sala, with help of Kyra Kuitert and Joost Janssen.
© Egosoft / L.Sala
Electronic version by Dikkie

bullet Introduction
bullet Magic Mushrooms: what are they?
bullet The history
bullet Sacred or fun
bullet The first time
bullet Set and Setting: purpose
bullet Magic Mushrooms now: the Law
bullet Magic Mushrooms: how to get them?
bullet Recipes
bullet Tripping: the Journey to the Dream
bullet Rituals
bullet Visualizing
bullet Shamen - therapy
bullet Coming down
bullet Housing, Hitchhiking, Sex
bullet Parents and Paddos
bullet Hazards
bullet Chemistry
bullet Future
bullet Want to know more?
bullet Credits

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