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1-dozen 1/2 pint jars-tapered mouth with rings and lids ($10-$12 Walmart or most Grocery Stores)
1-bag of vermiculite (Walmart or most gardening centers $3)
1-bag of pearlite (Walmart or most gardening centers $3)*
2- 14oz bag of Mahatma Brown Rice (Walmart or most any grocery store $1 each)
3-cups water (you figure this one out)
1-spore syringe (Many web sites have available for around $10 each)
1-can of Lysol ($3.50)
1-roll of aliminum foil ($1.50)
Styrofoam Cooler ($4-$5)*
Spray bottle ($2)*
Anti-bacterial soap ($2)

Total cost $40 plus or minus a few dollars depending on the costs of a particular item in your area. It may look like alot but it's really not that much considering it's going to get you from point A to point B with out any more to buy and its only 10 items. Most all of these items are common easy to find items and you may have many of them already. The items marked with the star can be purchased later they are not needed in the initial set up of the project.

bullet Jar Preparation
bullet Brown Rice Flour

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