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2013-01: There are now two flavors: the Classic/Desktop (outdated) and the Mobile/Fluid magic-mushrooms.net.

2012-12: Check out the new web sites by Dikkie: Guts Up! (Scream and shout and let it out) & Fotoquiz (Language game).

2012-06: Check out the new research section.

2011-09: Magic mushrooms may cause personality change. See the research section.

2011-08: Check out the new video section.

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Just wanted to compliment you on the wonderful site [ magic mushrooms net / dikkie ] you have. Thanks for the many links. I will put your site on mine in a few days. Thanks for bringing this site to he public.
Mushroom John Allen

MagicMushrooms.net is one of the most thorough websites in existence on the subject of Psilocybe mushrooms. Bookmark this website now for future reference and further study.
James Arthur (Author of: Mushrooms and Mankind; the Impact of Mushrooms on Human Consciousness and Religion )

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