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To learn about magic mushroom species, or for identifying a picked magic mushroom click the links below. A description of the magic mushroom will appear (most of the time with a picture).

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[MJS] : From:
[ERO] : From:
[ABC] : From: recreational drug index
[MKW] : From: Mykoweb
[NCS] : From: NC State University
[FUJ] : From:

[PSI] : PSIlocybin, Psilocyn, psychedelic
[PSY] : Contains PSYchoactive compounds
[POI] : POIsonous
[DEA} : DEAdly
[DIN] : for DINner and lunch

ABC-List of psychedelic magic mushrooms, look-a-likes and poisonous mushrooms

Amanita Muscaria [ero] [poi] [psy]
Amanita virosa (Destroying/Death Angel) [ncs] [poi] [psy?]
Conocybe cyanopus [mjs] [psi]
Conocybe filaris
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [poi]
Conocybe smithii [mjs] [psi]
Conocybe tenera
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [poi]
Copelandia bispora [mjs] [psi]
Copelandia cambodgeniensis [mjs] [psi]
Copelandia cyanescens [mjs] [psi]
Coprinus atrementarius
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [poi]
California Fungi: Psilocybe cyanescens [psi] [mkw]
Copelandia tropicalis [mjs] [psi]
California Fungi: Galerina autumnalis [dea] [mkw]
Galerina autumnalis
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [dea]
Galerina marginata
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [poi]
Galerina veneata
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [poi]
Galerina steglechii [mjs] [psi]
Gymnopilus luteofolius [mjs] [psi]
Gymnopilus spectabilis [mjs] [psi]
Gymnopilus purpuratus [mjs] [psi]
Inocybe aeruginascens [mjs] [psi]
Inocybe haemacta [mjs] [psi]
Inocybe corydalina var. erinaceomorpha [mjs] [psi]
Mycena haematopus
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [poi]
Panaeolina foenisecii [mjs] [psi]
Panaeolus africanus [mjs] [psi]
Panaeolus antillarum [mjs] [psi]
Panaeolus sphinctrinus [mjs] [psi]
Panaeolus subbalteatus [mjs] [psi]
Pluteus salicinus [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe arcana [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe aucklandii [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe australiana [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe aztecorum [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe azurescens [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe baeocystis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe bohemica [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe brasiliensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe caerulescens [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe caerulipes [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe columbiana [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe Coprophila [abc] [psi]
California Fungi: Psilocybe coprophila [psi] [mkw]
Psilocybe cubensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe cyanescens [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe fimetaria [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe heimii [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe hispanica [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe hoogshagenii [mjs] [psi]
California Fungi: Hypholoma aurantiaca [psi] [mkw]
Psilocybe liniformans var. americana [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe mexicana [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe Montana [abc] [psi]
California Fungi: Psilocybe montana [psi] [mkw]
Psilocybe natalensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe pelliculosa [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe portoricensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe quebecensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe samuiensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe sanctorum [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe semilanceata [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe sierrae [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe silvatica [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe stuntzii [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe Squamosa [abc] [psi]
Psilocybe subaeruginosa [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe subcubensis [mjs] [psi]
California Fungi: Psilocybe subviscida [psi] [mkw]
Psilocybe tampanensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe uxpanapensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe weilii [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe xalapanensis [mjs] [psi]
Psilocybe zapotecorum [mjs] [psi]
Stropharia aeruginosa
(see PP-look-a-likes)
[mjs] [ero] [poi]
California Fungi: Stropharia semiglobata [psi] [mkw]

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