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Drying and storing magic mushrooms

How to conserve (dry, store, process, cook) magic mushrooms?

Warning about processing magic mushrooms

Processing magic mushrooms in any way could be illegal, even in countries were fresh magic mushrooms are legal (like the Netherlands and the UK). See below.

Drying magic mushrooms

Fresh magic mushrooms only stay fresh for 3 to 15 days, depending on the climate and the species of mushrooms. Preferably keep fresh mushrooms in the fridge (not the freezer).

Drying magic mushrooms - basics

Drying mushrooms can be done in several ways. (1) Natural drying; if the mushrooms are within a climate that dehydrates the mushroom by natural means(natural dry climate or surroundings), this would dry the mushrooms without prosessing. So this might be a legal way to get dry mushrooms depending on your legislation (see also below). Note! Putting magic mushrooms in a hot (sub)tropical sun may harm the potency! See below. (2) Manual drying; smal amounts may be placed on a few tissues on a warm but not to hot place. For larger amounts see to an warm airflow along the mushrooms. Do not use heat warmer than 40 degrees celcius.

Drying large amounts of Cubensis and similar types of magic mushrooms

drying large amounts of cubensis requires a wire netting, a ventilator and a electrical hot air heater
Put cubensis and similar magic mushrooms containing a lot of water (about 90%) on a wire netting (chicken netting or something like that or a fishing net). Let a fan blow the magic mushrooms. Make sure there is some extra heating in the rooom or use a blowing electrical heater. Dont overdo it. Keep the temperature below 40 Celcius. To much heat will kill psilocin and other active compounds.

Drying large amounts of truffles

Fresh truffles like Psilocybe Tampanensis and Psilocybe Mexicana contain only 50% of water and can be stored fresh in the fridge up to 3 weeks. Drying is easy. You simply spread out the truffles on a few news papers in a warm room. Speed the process up with a fan. Read and see more.


How to store dry mushrooms? Store them in a ziplock bag or any other airtight container, in a cool, dark and dry place, not in a fridge or freezer. After 6 month the strength of the mushies will decrease.


The active compounds in magic mushrooms can easily be extracted. The active compounds are soluble in water. Simply soak the grinded magic mushrooms in hand warm water for 2 / 3 days. Fillter the mixture and put the filltered water in small bottles. Store in the fridge. Or put the water in a ice-cube tray and put in the freezer to get "psilo cubes". Note. You cannot keep this to long. If the extract becomes smelly or if mold appears, you must throw it away. Read and see more.

Conserving and the LAW

See also magic mushrooms and the [ law ]. The international UN treaty on psychotropic substances (that virtually all countries have signed) declares the substances psilocyn and psilocybin illegal. Preparations and materials containing these substances are illegal as well. A fresh magic mushroom growing in the wild is under this definition not illegal. However when you are going to dry them, you are processing them and the dry magic mushrooms become a psilocybin containing preparation.

NOTE (1) So, on storage of Magic mushrooms we have to note that it may be illegal in your country to process psilocbyn mushrooms. Please take note of this. We do not advocate to break any law in any country so please check your legislation.

NOTE (2) Many countries including the United States have a much wider definition, and / or explicitly declare the possesion of certain magic mushrooms species illegal.


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